Slik renser du huden din i dybden

The Organic Pharmacy har laget en super guide til hvordan du dyprengjør huden din! Perfekt å gjøre en gang i uken.

Deep_Clean HeaderGK

Before you start here are a few tips:

-Every cleanser no matter what needs a muslin cloth for removal, so get rid of the cotton wool, cotton pads and wipes – these are strictly forbidden!
-Foaming cleansers generally strip the skin of its precious oils – you want clean but you don’t want dry!
-Wipes do not deep clean properly!
-Don’t scrub – scrubbing can actually make your skin dry and irritated causing redness and damage.

 Deep_Clean 1st stepGK

Japanese and Asian women  for centuries have used double cleansing to really clean the skin without drying, scrubbing or irritation.

Start with our Carrot Butter Cleanser and allow the antioxidant rich plant oils and essential oils to mix with the skin’s natural oil.This will help to remove ALL make up, dirt pollution and debris – unclogging pores and removing dead skin. Remove with the muslin cloth soaked in hand hot water. Remember, no wipes!
Don’t scrub – scrubbing can actually make your skin irritated, drying it out and can cause redness and damage.

Deep_Clean 1st step bGK

Follow with any of our non foaming cleansing gels; Peppermint Face Wash for acne prone skin and Rose Cleansing Gel for delicate skin.
Massage onto the skin and remove again with your muslin cloth soaked in hand hot water.

Deep_Clean 2st step GK

Now that you have fresh clean skin, your mask can go to work and draw out any remaining impurities to help minimise those pores and blemishes, making the skin brighter and smoother.


Apply all over the face and leave it for 10 -15 minutes. Remove with your muslin cloth soaked in hand hot water.

Deep_Clean 3st step GK

Toners are wonderful to hydrate the skin before moisture. Remember the more hydrated the skin, the less visible wrinkles, fines and pores will appear.


Use Herbal Toner for normal, oily or blemished skin and Rose Facial Spritz for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. Both are packed with incredible plant nutrients to really condition and hydrate. Just close your eyes and spritz all over the face. No need for any cotton pads – just let your skin absorb the fabulous ingredients.

Deep_Clean 4st step GK

Our  super  hero  duo cannot be underestimated.

A water based serum and an oil based serum packed with antioxidants, herbs and plant nutrients to repair and restore the elasticity to any skin. Simply mix the two together in the palm of your hands and apply all over the face, neck and decollete.


These simple steps are the basis to deep cleansing and repairing the skin. This should be done twice a day, morning and evening. For ongoing use, skip the mask and use it once or twice a week. In the mornings follow with your moisturise, an SPF and your make up

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