galleri Sauerkraut for your microbiome – by popular demand

Dette er ett fantastisk bra blogginnlegg om fermetering. Dette kan vi alle klare, det er billig, og helseeffekten er enorm. Kos dere med ett supert blogginlegg som vi bare måtte dele med dere!

Cynthia Reynolds

We make lacto-fermented sauerkraut throughout the year, it is part of our diet including other pre and probiotic food. People around us have noticed that our daughter is no longer eating gluten-free, and that my neurological problems appear to be a thing of the past (see last paragraph for more details on that), Due to an influx of requests from friends and family, we decided it was time to document the process. There is a waiting list for a class to be held in our kitchen, so if you are local (Nesodden / Oslo)  and want to join us, send us a message.

Ingredients: Cabbage and salt – pretty simple!

Spring is not the ideal time of year to make sauerkraut, having fresh produce at peak quality makes for the best brine. Cabbage that has been stored over the winter will have lost much of the vital liquid needed, but as in any situation, make…

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